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Injury and Violence Prevention Branch

Data Request Policy and Procedure

Please email the Injury and Violence Prevention Branch or call 919-707-5425 if you have a specific data request or other informational need.

Considerations When Making a Data Request

  • Requests will be completed based on the date the request is received, the date the information is needed, the reason the data are being requested, and the amount of time the request will take.
  • Allow at least two weeks for simple requests.
  • Allow at least one month for more complex requests and keep in mind that this time frame may change based on the analyst's work load and actual time required to fulfill the request.
  • Requests may be completed earlier than estimated.
  • Legislative and media requests take top priority.
  • The epidemiology unit manager and other appropriate staff will review all media and legislative requests prior to delivery of the final product.
  • Major changes to an original request will be considered a new request and will be completed as described above. Major alterations include addition of variables or statistics, changes in selection criteria, or any change that requires a new data file to be accessed. Minor changes can become major changes depending on the scope of the request, for example, changing statistics by county into statistics by region.

Analyst Obligations

  • The analyst will contact the requestor if a request will not be fulfilled by the originally stated completion date and will give a new completion date.
  • The analyst will ensure that all appropriate parties have the opportunity to review the final product prior to submitting the report to the requestor.